Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ready... Set... Go!

Welcome to my journey to lose weight and become a runner. I have been trying off and on to lose weight for about a decade or so. I don't ever remember a time I was happy with my weight even when I was around 130 pounds (my current goal) when I was a teenager.

At the beginning of the year I decided I wanted to train to do a half marathon this year and have been attempting to run since. I have now realized that running is a bit harder than I thought so I will start with smaller goals and I will eventually get to my ultimate goal of a half marathon. I have signed up for my first race which will be a 5K run on April 29th. I am pretty excited about it and have been working on a training plan for a couple of weeks now.

I am by no means a fast runner, my best pace so far has been 8:20 min/k (over 13 min/mile). Yikes that sounds really slow, but I will get faster!

Today was a beautiful sunny day with a high of 13C (55F) and when I went out for my run after work and supper it was still 11C (51F). It was the best weather we have had in a long time and I ran for the first time without a jacket on. I felt more relaxed and did 2.4K (1.5 miles) in about 20 minutes. Unfortunately I don't know exact times as I don't have a Garmin as of yet (soooo want to get one!).

As for how I did with my eating today, ARGHHHH! My work is sooo not conducive to weight loss. I work in the shipping/receiving department and we have candy everywhere, bowl on the counter for clients, jar on a co-workers desk, etc. Today there was also an executive breakfast that we were able to partake in that was mostly pastries. Than there was also a fundraiser for MS in the lobby of the building where they were selling cupcakes. Temptation everywhere!

Since I knew about the executive breakfast ahead of time, I was somewhat prepared and didn't have any breakfast before coming to work. I did eat more than I probably should have but I could have done a lot worse. I did pick up some cupcakes but didn't have one until after supper tonight. As for the candy in the shipping/receiving department, I had about a handful of gummy bears. Again not great, but there was a time not that long ago when I would have had a lot more.

I will be working on not munching on the candies at work and avoiding the temptations of the catered food at work, which they have been having at least once a week lately it seems. I will be using Sparkpeople to track my calories eaten and burned.

Current daily calories goal: 1200-1550
Calories eaten: unknown with catered food
Calories burned: approx. 232
Run: 2.4K (1.5 miles) in 20 minutes

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