Saturday, December 29, 2012

Run Your A$$ Off Weight Loss Challenge

Run with Jess is hosting a series of  Dietbet challenges, the first one starting on December 31st..  I decided to give it a go and signed up today.

The dates of her challenges are:
Round One: Dec 31 - Jan 28
Round Two: Jan 28 - Feb 25
Round Three: Feb 25 - Mar 25

How it works:
- You have 4 weeks to lose 4% of your starting weight
- Everyone puts $10 into the pot and after the 4 weeks who ever hits their 4% goal splits the pot.  As of a few moments ago that pot was up to $3660
- You will need a digital scale and a digital camera/Smartphone to submit your weigh in pictures.

I am hoping participating in this challenge will keep me on track with my healthy eating and exercise.

Starting Weight: 184.6
Goal Weight: 177.2 (-7.4)

For this challenge I will need to lose 7.4 pounds which I think is very doable in 4 weeks as long as I stay eating healthy and keep up with my running.

Have you ever joined a Dietbet type challenge?  Are you motivated by competition to lose weight?

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Weigh In Wednesday a Day Late

I did weigh myself yesterday but I didn't get a chance to actually write a post about it until now.

Last Week: 183.8
This Week: 183.4

0.4 pound loss!

I wasn't expecting any sort of loss this week with all the junk I ate over Christmas so I was happy to see even a little bit of a loss.  I also didn't get in the runs I wanted to, actually only managed to get one workout all week.  To be honest I could have did all 3 runs this week but when I got the chance I decided to just hang out with the kids and family instead.

My eating and workout schedule should get back on track this week.

My workout plan for this week is as follows:

Wednesday - 3 miles (did this on the treadmill yesterday)
Thursday - 30 min cross training
Friday - 2 miles
Saturday - 50 min cross training
Sunday - 4 miles
Monday - Stretch & Strength
Tuesday - 28th Annual Brita Resolution Run (5k)

I am thinking about signing up for Run with Jess's Run Your A$$ Off Weight Loss Challenge on  I think it will be a great to keep me motivated to eat healthier and to stick with my workout schedule.  If I win some extra money in the process that couldn't hurt either. =)

How was your holiday week?  Do you have a resolution run planned?

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Weigh In Wednesday

I have decided to do a weekly weigh in post on Wednesday's starting today.  I usually weigh myself daily and update my stats on the side when I see a loss.  I am going to try to cut it down to only weighing in each week on Wednesday instead and report it even if there is a gain.  We'll see how it goes. =)

Last Week: 186.8
This Week: 183.8

3 pound loss!

I was happy to see the loss and to see I am down 9 pounds since I started back with my running and eatting healthier.  I have had a few treats here and there this week but I haven't over indulged which I am pretty pround of myself for.  We have tons of treats going through the office at the moment with the holidays and they are very tempting.

I think the big test this coming week will be on Christmas Eve.  We will be going to my brother's and there is sure to be tons of treats and not many healthy choices if any I am sure.  I will be strong and not over indulge!

How was your week?  How have you been holding up with all the treats circulating with the holidays?

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

OMG So Busy This Week!

I am so busy this week and trying to figure out when I can get at least my 3 runs in some how.

Yesterday (Monday) - The team my husband coaches had a practice last night so I dropped him off, went how, had a quick bite to eat, relaxed for about an hour, and ran back out to pick him up.  Usually I go to Zumba with my Mom on Monday's but with the early practice that didn't work out.  When I got home I sat and watched TV with my younger son while my husband had his supper and looked after our daughter.  Than I layed down with my son to help him get him to sleep.  He is 12 but with his ADHD he gets a bit hyper at night when his meds wear off and I find it helps when I lay down with him.  I ended up falling asleep in his bed, my husband woke me up around 10:30pm, and I went off to our bed.

Tonight (Tuesday) - My daughter has her Christmas concert tonight and has to be there by 6:45pm.  By the time I get home and have supper it will be time to get ready to go.  Then by the time we get home it will be time to get the kids ready for bed so again no gym.

Wednesday - My husband's team has another practice.  If my Dad can look after the kids I might be able to get to the gym for a run this night.

Thursday - My older son has an event at his school.  It is talent show type thing that they use as a fundraiser.  He will be in the show and has been working very hard with is guitar.  He even composed his own song.  Can't miss that.  This also means no time for gym this night.

Friday - Again my husband's team has a practice and we are going to see if my parents or my older son can look after the kids so we can finish our Christmas shopping and possibly get away to watch The Hobbit.  To time for the gym this night unless I can sneak away while my husband is at practice.

Saturday - Don't think anything is planned during the day so I should be able to get to the gym if I can't get away on Friday.  Husband's hockey team has a game this night.

Sunday - I am doing an activity with the kids at my parent's church and my husband's team has an early morning practice.  I should be able to get in my long run in the afternoon.

I can't wait until the holiday's are over so things can calm down a bit.  I love hanging out with the family during the holidays but it gets soooo busy and somewhat stressful.

So the workout plan this week is to just find a bit of time to get my 3 runs in somehow.

How is your week looking?  Are you having problems fitting in your workouts around the holiday events?

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I'm Going to Vegas Baby!

Well I took the plunge and registered for the Rock 'n' Roll Las Vegas half marathon.  I can't believe I am going to train for and run a half marathon in 2013.  The race is a week after my 36th birthday, what better way to celebrate than go to Vegas and run a half marathon right?

I have never been to Vegas but have always wanted to go.  We are looking at staying at either the Luxor or the Excalibur as they look close to where the race will start and finish.  Now to decide do we want to stay in a pyramid or a castle.

I spent part of my day making training plans for January to November.  Yes I am a bit crazy and need to plan everything.  I am not going for a certain time I just plan to finish.  I am hoping to get down to 140 pounds or so before the race but I am just going to do my best and see what happens.

OMG I can't believe I really registered for this race!  I have a lot of work to do over the next 10-11 months. =)

What is your goal race for 2013?  Have you ever run the Rock 'n' Roll Las Vegas race?

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My 2013 Goals

With 2012 coming to an end, I have been thinking what I want to accomplish with my health and running in 2013.

1.  Run consistantly - I would like to run at least 3 days a week.

2.  Run a half marathon - My dream race this year would be the Disneyland Half Marathon but I don't think I can make that work without leaving the kids behind and that doesn't really seem fair.  My other goal race is a local one, the Canadian Derby Edmonton Marathon in August, I would do the half marathon.

3.  Cut down on junk food, eat healthier, and drink 2-3L of water a day - I have been doing well with cutting down on junk food and eating healthier I just need to keep it up.  The water part I am working on and am getting better at it. :)

4.  Run faster - I am a pretty slow runner (15 minute miles on the treadmill, is that even running rofl) at the moment and I would like to speed up even just a bit.  I will be working on getting faster throughout the year.  I would be ecstatic if I could be around 12 minute miles by the end of the year.

5.  Lose 1 pound a week on average - I will excercise 5-6 days a week and track my daily calories on  If I can make this happen, I would be at or close to goal by the end of the year.  Woohoo!

6.  Start some strength training/weight training - I have wanted to do this for a while, my arms are as strong as a newborn baby's. LOL  I have also heard muscle burns fat faster, which is exactly what I am looking for.  I just need to stop being so self conscience at the gym and get er done!

Thanks for reading. :)

Better Late than Never Weekly Recap

Sorry for the lateness of this weekly recap.  Don't really have an excuse other than didn't get around to it unfortunately.

Let's see since last I posted I ran the Santa Shuffle on December 1, did Zumba, and ran.

I will start with the Santa Shuffle.  This was a somewhat last minute decision race.  I signed up about a week before the race.  They were raising money for the Salvation Army and I managed to raise $60 in that little amount of time.  This will help feed an individual or couple this Christmas which I am happy to help at least someone.  It also earned me the race shirt. =)

When I signed up for the race I looked at the long range forecast and it didn't look like it would be that bad, approx. -6C (21F).  I kept an eye on the weather and it I was getting nervous it was saying it was going to be -23C (-9F) with the windchill (it didn't get this cold during the race, I think it was closer to -18C (0F)).  Yikes not what I was hoping for.  The night before the race I picked up my race package along with some new mittens, headband to cover my ears, and neck warmer that can come up and cover your nose and mouth.  I was pretty nervous about running in the cold, it would be my first time.

On race day I woke up and got ready.  I wore a tech shirt, my race shirt, and a zip up hoodie on top and long john and my running tights on the bottom.  Was still a bit concerned it might not be enough.  I didn't have to worry other than when we were waiting outside for the race to start and a couple of spots in the race where it wasn't tree lined on both sides I was pretty toasty.  I had the neck warmer up over my nose to start but with my breathing I found it a bit warm and would only put it up to warm my nose once in a while.  I had only started running again after a 6 month break about a week before this race so I was just expecting to finish.  The race was a 5k that was 2 loops around the park and it was a fun run so it wasn't chip timed.  I found it challenging to run in the snow, not that it was really deep but it added a bit of an extra difficulty.  My time wasn't great but it was nice to be back into running again.

I signed up for the Resolution Run on January 1st the night before the Santa Shuffle despite my concerns of running in the cold.  Yes I am a bit nuts but the nice jacket you get was to much to pass up. LOL  Here's hoping I don't freeze my butt off during that race.

So here is what my week looked like, exercisewise:
Saturday - 5k Santa Shuffle
Sunday - Rest Day
Monday - Zumba with my Mom
Tuesday - 2m on treadmill
Wednesday - Rest Day
Thursday - Rest Day
Friday - Rest Day
Saturday - 2.5m
Sunday - 3m

I am somewhat happy because I got my running days in but I had planned to get more non-running exercise in this past week.  I plan to do better this week.

My plans for this week are:
Monday - Zumba with my Mom (did this last night)
Tuesday - 2m
Wednesday - 30 min Elliptical or Bike
Thursday - 40 min Elliptical or Bike
Friday - Rest Day
Saturday - 2.5m
Sunday - 3.5m

On my 2m and 2.5m days I am going to try speeding up the treadmill a bit.

Thanks for reading. :)