Wednesday, July 10, 2013

July Goals a Little Late

I decided to put my July goals down in writing.  I don't have many but it will be nice to see how I do.

1.  Run 58 miles in July.  As long as I stick to my 30 mins a day and long run on Sundays this should happen.
2.  Get back into the 170s. I think this is totally doable, I am only 3.3 pounds or so away. =)
3.  Figure out some good Weightwatchers breakfast and lunch ideas.
4.  Stick to my Weightwatchers plan. Track everything, stay within my point allowances, earn activity points daily, etc.

Okay lets see how this month goes.

What are your goals for the month?

Weigh in Wednesday

Okay it is back to my weekly weigh in posts

Starting Weight (Nov 16, 2012): 192.8
Last Week: 185.8
This Week: 183.3

2.5 pound loss!

Well I guess it is a start to getting back to where I was back at the end of March.  I have gotten back into running slowly.  My plan is to run at least 30 min each day from Mon - Sat (weather permitting) and than do a long run on Sundays.  I started this on Monday and so far so good.

I also decided to join Weightwatchers Online last night.  I have done Weightwatchers in the past and as long as I stick to the plan I do well.  I think I need the structure.  We'll see how it goes. =)  I will do my weekly weigh ins for Weightwatchers on Wednesday as well so I don't confuse myself. LOL

I need to come up with some Weightwatchers friendly breakfast and lunch ideas.  I have been getting a frozen lemonade and sometimes a ham and egg wrap from Tim Horton's but the frozen lemondae itself it like 8 points.  That won't be happening anymore!  I got yogurt & berries from Tim Horton's this morning for 4 points and am planning to get a 6" sub from Subway for lunch.  Will need to figure out some lunches that I can bring from home though.

How was your week?  Any Weightwatchers friendly breakfast and/or lunch ideas?

Friday, July 5, 2013

Arghhhhh! I am so Disappointed in Myself!

So I haven't posted in months... I have been busy at work and slacking off in my personal life.  Last time I reported my weight on this blog I was at 164 lbs and was looking forward to getting into the 150s.  Well guess what happened!  I gained pretty much all thew weight I had lost.  I weighed myself Wednesday night.  I knew I had gained weight, I have been feeling horrible, I have been eating so much crap and not exercising, my clothes are getting tight again.  The number that the scale showed me was 185.8 freaking pounds!

I am so disappointed in myself that I could cry.  I had been doing so well and than I just let it slid around Easter.  I made excuses that I was busy at work and I just wanted to relax when I got home, I felt guilty for taking time out for me over family, etc.

I am not even sure where to start to get back on track but I need to do it.  I am so sick and tired of being fat and embarassed by the way I look.  I hate the way I feel.  I have a half marathon I need to train for in November.

I sat down on Tuesday and made up a 20-week training plan for my half marathon that started this week.  I went for my first run in over a month on Wednesday and honestly it felt horrible!  I know it is because I haven't run in a while but I still couldn't believe how hard it was to just run for 30 minutes (1 min walk breaks every 10 mins).  I keep telling myself it will get better, it will be easier.  My training plan consists of 3 days of running a week.  2 days are just 30 min runs and than 1 day is a long run that will increase in milage each week.  I know this is very doable I just need to stick to it.  I don't want to fail the half marathon in November.

I am trying to figure out what the best way for me lose weight is.  Should I try Weightwatchers again, count calories, go back to the Paleo diet, just cut out junk food, etc?  All of them seemed to work for awhile but one little hiccup and I seem to just go back to my old ways.  Logically I know 1 hiccup won't hurt me in the long run, that this needs to be a lifestyle change and not just a diet.  The thing is once I have that hiccup I start telling myself oh this 1 cookie won't hurt me, this handful of Jube Jubes won't hurt me, and it just leads to a downward spiral from there.

I keep on trying to remind myself of the big picture.  Feeling strong and healthy is the goal.  I also want to feel good about the way I look.  I avoid pictures like the plague and when someone does manage to take my picture I cringe when I see it.  I absolutely hate the way I look.