Sunday, May 6, 2012

Week 3 on WeightWatchers Recap

Meant to post this on Friday

May 4th WI: 183

My weigh in this morning showed that my weight didn't change again this week which I am somewhat disappointed in and also have an idea why.  I am somewhat disappointed because I felt even though I didn't have a perfect week I did better than last week so I should show a loss.  I think what my problem is is the damn candy in my office.  I always seem to take some candy from the dish each day saying to myself "I still have weekly points left I should be good" but I never track the points for the candies.  I have a feeling even though I have points left over for the week showing on my tracker since I don't track this candy I am quite possibly going over my points for the week.

My goal for this week is to track every food and drink that goes into my mouth.  I know I am suppose to be doing this anyway but I haven't been.

I took my measurements on Wednesday to see how or if they changed is last time I took them and here are the results:

Chest - 40"
Waist - 40"
Hip - 42"

I was pretty surprised as it appears I have lost 2" on both my chest and my waist and 1" on my hips.  So even though I am not liking the numbers on the scale I appear to be making some progress.

April 27 - May 3 Exercise
29 - 5km run in 39:07 (7:50/km) - Spring Thaw Run Off
30 - Biggest Loser DVD
1 - 4.8km run in 37min (7:43/km)
3 - 3.4km run in 28min (8:15/km)

Planned Exercise for May 4 - 10
4 - Biggest Loser DVD
5 - Biggest Loser DVD
6 - 6.4km run
7 - Biggest Loser DVD
8 - 4.8km run
9 - Biggest Loser DVD
10 - 3.2km run

I decided that doing the challenges at this point is just to much for me.  I am going to stick with my running and Biggest Loser DVD for now.

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