Monday, April 30, 2012

Recap of Week 2 on WeightWatchers and the Spring Thaw Run

Friday's Weigh In - 183

Monday 23rd - 4.8k in 40 min (8:20/km)
Sunday 29th - Spring Thaw Run 5k in 39:04 min (7:50/km)

I didn't have a great week on WeightWatchers, kept on eating junk.  Need to really work on that and also need to plan ahead for the evening snacks.  I was somewhat happy to see that I didn't gain any weight with all the junk I ate but was not happy to see I didn't loose any weight either.  I totally understand why I didn't loose any weight with the lack of exercise and bad eating habits though.

I had my first ever 5k race this weekend, the Spring Thaw Run.  I woke up around 6am and got ready.  Didn't have to be there until 8:30 when the 5k started but I couldn't sleep and wanted to make sure I ate something (ate a banana) and had everything ready.  I got my D-tag put on my shoe and my racing bib put on my shirt.  I had gone out on Saturday and picked up a pair of running shorts and a jacket.  I had planned to wear the shorts but when I woke up noticed it wasn't very pleasant outside so wore running pants instead.  Was also glad I picked up the jacket since it helped keep me warm before and during the first part of the race.

My parents, husband and daughter came to the race with me which was nice.  Mom took a picture of me before going off with my Dad and daughter to McDonald's (my daughter was hungry).  I hate getting my picture taken but I humored her. LOL  My husband stayed with me until the start of the race and saw me off.  I started off a bit fast, got carried away with the excitement of the crowd.  Shortly after starting the path went across a bridge and halfway across I felt like I was going to pass out and than realized it was just the bridge moving as we ran across. LOL  The race was in the river valley so just before the 1km mark the path started an pretty steep incline.  Was not prepared for this and ended up walking up the incline.  It was an out and back route and through most of the first half I was beating myself up about starting to fast and trying to settle myself into a comfortable pace.  I was not happy with a lot of people passing me but I told myself this race it about doing the best I could and not comparing myself to others running.  I tried to concentrate on the music planning on my iPod and not on the other runners.  The second half of the race was a lot better although running back down the incline was a challenge, not as bad as going up though.

My Mom and husband were waiting with their cameras at the finish line and got pictures of me finishing.  Arghhh I look horrible.  Maybe one of these days I won't hate looking at pictures of myself.  My Mom and Dad gave me a hug, congratulated me. and told me how proud they were of me.

After the race I spent most of the day just relaxing and eating way to much again.  Sigh really need to get this eating thing under control.

I have signed up for my next race, the Loops for the Troops race, and I will be running the 10km this time.  The race is on June 3rd so that gives me just over a month to train to run a 10km.

I follow Running with Spatulas on twitter and noticed she posted a few fitness challenges for May.  I have decided to follow these challenges to get my body back in shape and stronger.  The challenges are posted below.

My Exercise Plan for the Week:
Monday - Biggest Loser DVD
Tuesday - 4.8km run, May Challenges
Wednesday - Biggest Loser DVD, May Challenges
Thursday - 3.2km, May Challenges
Friday - May Challenges

My plan is to at least post each Friday with my weekly weigh in, check in for the week and plans for the coming week.  This will start this coming Friday.

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