Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Weekly Weigh In

So for the couple of weeks now the scale has been bouncing between 180 and 181 (I am still weighing myself daily).  It has been some what frustrating but have been trying to keep the faith that it would eventually reflect all the work I have been doing with my runs and healthier eating.  The scale seems to have decided to finally be nice to me.

Last week: 181.8
This week: 179

2.8 pound loss!

I am very happy with this!  I am out of the 180s! Woohoo!  I have been following my running plan and eating healthier.  I eat treats here and there but for the most part I am eating healthy.  I turn down treats my co-workers or parents offer all the time and treat myself to candy or chocolate once in a while.  I am feeling better and my clothes seem to fit better lately.

Today I looked at what I have accomplished in the last couple of months.  I started eating healthier on November 16th.  Since than  I have lost 13.8 pounds, which is approximately 1.6 pounds a week which is awesome!  I started running again on November 25th.  My first 2 mile run was run at a 15 min/mile pace.  On a recent 2 mile run on Saturday I ran it at a 13:39 min/mile pace.  Not to bad!  In December I ran a total of 31 miles.  Since the beginning of January I have already run 31 miles. =)

I am liking that my running pace has gotten faster.  I still have a ways to go but I think my progress is great!  One of my 2013 goals was to get to a 12 min/mile and I can totally see that happening and possibly even faster.  We'll see. =)

Dietbet Update

So the Dietbet that I am participating in is just over half way down.  I am currently down 5.6 of the 7.4 pounds I need to lose, 1.8 more to go.  I am sure I can get this done as long as I stick to my running plan and healier eating.  The Dietbet game has been fun. 

I get concerned with some of the comments I see in the posts.  I know the point of the game is to lose weight but some of the comments concern me that they aren't doing it in a healthy way.  Some seem to get worried when they eat 1 unhealthy food like it is going to have a huge effect on their weight.  Some have said they feel the scales doesn't move unless they are starving.  I just want to shake some sense into these people.

Sure they might lose the weight they need to to win the game but from the sounds of it not in a sustainable, healthy way.  I think you need to have a realistic meal plan.  Ask yourself can you eat this way for the rest of your life?  This should be a lifestyle change not a diet.  I have treats here and there just not all the time.  I eat the same things just in smaller, normal portions not in super sized portions.  I am still losing weight.  I am positive that if I keep up with what I am doing I will get to my goal weight and I will be able to maintain that weight because I am not doing anything drastic.  I am not cuting out anything, including treats.  I am not depriving myself of anything.

Sorry went off on a bit of a rant there, it just concerns me when I see some of the comments in the posts on Dietbet.

How was your week?  What are your thoughts on the whole dieting vs lifestyle change?

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