Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Our Las Vegas Trip is Booked!

Last night my husband and I booked our Las Vegas trip for my first half marathon in November.  We decided to book the Mirage because it will be near the finish line (provided they don't change the route to much from last year) and the hotel seems to get pretty great reviews.  And really who doesn't want an exploding volcano outside their hotel right?

We will fly into Vegas on the morning of November 14th and fly out the evening of November 18th.  We were able to get a direct flight there but will have a short stop over in Seattle on the way back.  Hopefully our stop over in Seattle won't turn out to be as long as last time I was there.  Imagine 6 kids (ages 5-16) and 6 adults stuck in the Seattle airport for about 6 hours.  Arghhhh! Thank god for portable DVD players.

Next is to save up some spending money (aka casino money) for while we are there.  I also need to make a list of what I want to see while we are there.

I managed to get in 2 runs last week.  I was going to get outside on Saturday for a run, the weather was much better than it has been, but than everyone abandoned me at the house with the kids so that didn't happen.  I can't wait for warmer weather and more day light hours.  I miss running outside.

I have 3 runs planned for this week.  I am hoping things work out and I can sneak out to the gym tonight for one of my runs.  The other 2 runs will probably be this weekend.  Only 12 more days until my St Patrick's Day Trail Run 10k, I need to get my runs in!

I seem to be in somewhat of a weight loss slump this week from what the scale is showing me so far.  I think it may be my snacking on nuts and dried fruits so I am going to try to cut down on those for a while.  We'll see what the scale says tomorrow for my weekly weigh in.

Have you been to Las Vegas?  Any must sees that you recommend?  Will you be running in the Rock n Roll Las Vegas Marathon/Half Marathon?

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