Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Week in Review

Arghhh! I did it again, I haven't posted since last Wednesday. I am going to try to make posting a before bed routine.

Running Breakdown:
Good Friday - 2.4km in 21 min. (8:45/km) - Didn't feel great during this run. I had just gotten back from eating at Joey's Only.
Saturday - 3.4km in 30 min (8:50/km) - Felt pretty good during this run and saw a couple of geese at the lake I run by/around on my running routes.
Easter Sunday - Rest Day
Monday - Rest Day
Tuesday - 3.6km in 30 min (8:20/km) - Felt great during this run and felt I could have run further but wanted to stick to my program and not push it.
Wednesday - 2.4km in 19 min (7:55/km) - Woot! First time I got under 8/km =)

Went to Joey's Only on Good Friday after church and learned a good lesson. Don't go to Joey's Only right after church on Good Friday, wait about an hour or so. We ended up waiting almost an hour and a half for our food. It was a mad house in there. The waitress was very apologetic and brought an activity pack, a cookie, and a fruit up for my daughter to help keep her entertained while we waited. What really annoyed me was that people who came in and ordered take out got their food before us.

Saturday morning the whole family, all 12 of us went to Ricki's restaurant for breakfast. Was starting to wonder about our waiter because he kept on messed up my drink order and it was like my husband was invisible when he took the drink orders. Twice the waiter tried to give me the wrong drink, first water, than pop, I ordered an orange juice. The food order came in a timely manner without any mistakes that I heard about. It was great fun.

Sunday the easter bunny came and it was pretty much just a relaxing day. We had turkey dinner with my parents and my boys. Picked up my boys from their Dad's today and they are back with me for 2 weeks.
As of today, Thursday, I am 17 days away from running my first race. I am enjoying running so much that I have a list of races I would like to run this year, I have planned out running schedules for the next few months, and I am hoping to be able to do the Disneyland Half Marathon Next Year.

How was your holiday weekend?
Did you run a race this past weekend?
Any upcoming races your are excited about?
Ever run or want to run a Disney race?

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