Monday, April 23, 2012

Weigh In and Update

Thursday - 3.4k in 26:40 mins (7:51/km)
Friday - Rest Day
Saturday - 55 mins of walking with my husband and daughter
Sunday - 40 mins of walking with husband and daughter

Hello everyone.  I had my first weigh in on Friday since starting WeightWatchers.  I am happy to report that the scale showed a 4 pound loss for the week! I am pretty happy with that.  I had been a bit worried at the beginning of the week since we had Chinese food but I did pretty good the rest of the week.

Friday at work and Saturday weren't very good food days unfortunately.  At work we put out various candies for people who come by the shipping department and on Friday a co-worker decided to put out a couple of different chocolates.  Than in the afternoon she was offering up Pot of Gold chocolates and I ended up giving in and having a few.   Saturday's bad food choices were my own fault.  I had found a recipe for Slutty Brownies during the week and I decided I had to make them.  OMG they were delicious but soooo high in WW points and I ended up eating 4 of them.  Most of my extra weekly points are gone so I will need to behave the rest of the week in hopes of having a good weigh in on Friday.

I got out for a couple of walks this weekend with my husband and daughter though.  I did plan on a 4.8k run yesterday but unfortunately didn't get motivated got get out so I plan to do the run today instead.  I am posting this from work so will post a couple of pictures from the walks when I get home.

Exercise Plan for the Week
Monday - 4.8k run
Tuesday - 4k run
Wednesday - Biggest Loser DVD
Thursday - 3.2k run
Friday - Biggest Loser DVD
Saturday - Walk
Sunday - 2nd Annual Spring Thaw Run Off (5k)

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