Saturday, April 14, 2012

WeightWatchers and Bleh Weather

Hello everyone!  How have you all been doing?

I have been struggling with my weight loss and have been losing and gaining the same 3 pounds or so since January.  I decided I needed a bit more structure than just paying attention to what I eat and counting calories so I joined WeightWatchers Online last night.  I did WeightWatchers 5-6 years ago and did pretty well with it while I stayed on plan so I am hoping it will help again this time.

I haven't run since Wednesday night.  I was going to run on Thursday night because I knew the weather was going to turn bad (rain and chance of snow) but I couldn't get motivated to get out and my boys had been home sick the last couple of days.  I totally regret not going for that run because according to my training plan I need 1 more run in this week and the weather isn't looking good.  It rained all day yesterday and I woke up this morning to snow.  Not a lot of snow just a dusting but I really hate the cold.

Taking a peek at the weather forecast for tomorrow shows that it is suppose to be cloudy with sunny breaks, no rain or snow, and a high of -1C.  Maybe I can get my run in tomorrow so I can stick to my training plan.  *Fingers crossed*  Looking at the weather they have forecasted for next week I might switch my running days around, we'll see as the days get closer.

It is funny before I started running I never really paid attention to the weather forecasts I just looked outside to see what it was like.  Now I look at the weekly forecast to figure out which days will be better for running outside and rearrange the schedule as the week goes by and the forecast changes.

How has the weather been for you?
Do you change your running schedule according to what the weekly weather forecast is predicting?
If you have tried losing weight, what has worked for you?

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