Tuesday, December 18, 2012

OMG So Busy This Week!

I am so busy this week and trying to figure out when I can get at least my 3 runs in some how.

Yesterday (Monday) - The team my husband coaches had a practice last night so I dropped him off, went how, had a quick bite to eat, relaxed for about an hour, and ran back out to pick him up.  Usually I go to Zumba with my Mom on Monday's but with the early practice that didn't work out.  When I got home I sat and watched TV with my younger son while my husband had his supper and looked after our daughter.  Than I layed down with my son to help him get him to sleep.  He is 12 but with his ADHD he gets a bit hyper at night when his meds wear off and I find it helps when I lay down with him.  I ended up falling asleep in his bed, my husband woke me up around 10:30pm, and I went off to our bed.

Tonight (Tuesday) - My daughter has her Christmas concert tonight and has to be there by 6:45pm.  By the time I get home and have supper it will be time to get ready to go.  Then by the time we get home it will be time to get the kids ready for bed so again no gym.

Wednesday - My husband's team has another practice.  If my Dad can look after the kids I might be able to get to the gym for a run this night.

Thursday - My older son has an event at his school.  It is talent show type thing that they use as a fundraiser.  He will be in the show and has been working very hard with is guitar.  He even composed his own song.  Can't miss that.  This also means no time for gym this night.

Friday - Again my husband's team has a practice and we are going to see if my parents or my older son can look after the kids so we can finish our Christmas shopping and possibly get away to watch The Hobbit.  To time for the gym this night unless I can sneak away while my husband is at practice.

Saturday - Don't think anything is planned during the day so I should be able to get to the gym if I can't get away on Friday.  Husband's hockey team has a game this night.

Sunday - I am doing an activity with the kids at my parent's church and my husband's team has an early morning practice.  I should be able to get in my long run in the afternoon.

I can't wait until the holiday's are over so things can calm down a bit.  I love hanging out with the family during the holidays but it gets soooo busy and somewhat stressful.

So the workout plan this week is to just find a bit of time to get my 3 runs in somehow.

How is your week looking?  Are you having problems fitting in your workouts around the holiday events?

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