Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Better Late than Never Weekly Recap

Sorry for the lateness of this weekly recap.  Don't really have an excuse other than didn't get around to it unfortunately.

Let's see since last I posted I ran the Santa Shuffle on December 1, did Zumba, and ran.

I will start with the Santa Shuffle.  This was a somewhat last minute decision race.  I signed up about a week before the race.  They were raising money for the Salvation Army and I managed to raise $60 in that little amount of time.  This will help feed an individual or couple this Christmas which I am happy to help at least someone.  It also earned me the race shirt. =)

When I signed up for the race I looked at the long range forecast and it didn't look like it would be that bad, approx. -6C (21F).  I kept an eye on the weather and it I was getting nervous it was saying it was going to be -23C (-9F) with the windchill (it didn't get this cold during the race, I think it was closer to -18C (0F)).  Yikes not what I was hoping for.  The night before the race I picked up my race package along with some new mittens, headband to cover my ears, and neck warmer that can come up and cover your nose and mouth.  I was pretty nervous about running in the cold, it would be my first time.

On race day I woke up and got ready.  I wore a tech shirt, my race shirt, and a zip up hoodie on top and long john and my running tights on the bottom.  Was still a bit concerned it might not be enough.  I didn't have to worry other than when we were waiting outside for the race to start and a couple of spots in the race where it wasn't tree lined on both sides I was pretty toasty.  I had the neck warmer up over my nose to start but with my breathing I found it a bit warm and would only put it up to warm my nose once in a while.  I had only started running again after a 6 month break about a week before this race so I was just expecting to finish.  The race was a 5k that was 2 loops around the park and it was a fun run so it wasn't chip timed.  I found it challenging to run in the snow, not that it was really deep but it added a bit of an extra difficulty.  My time wasn't great but it was nice to be back into running again.

I signed up for the Resolution Run on January 1st the night before the Santa Shuffle despite my concerns of running in the cold.  Yes I am a bit nuts but the nice jacket you get was to much to pass up. LOL  Here's hoping I don't freeze my butt off during that race.

So here is what my week looked like, exercisewise:
Saturday - 5k Santa Shuffle
Sunday - Rest Day
Monday - Zumba with my Mom
Tuesday - 2m on treadmill
Wednesday - Rest Day
Thursday - Rest Day
Friday - Rest Day
Saturday - 2.5m
Sunday - 3m

I am somewhat happy because I got my running days in but I had planned to get more non-running exercise in this past week.  I plan to do better this week.

My plans for this week are:
Monday - Zumba with my Mom (did this last night)
Tuesday - 2m
Wednesday - 30 min Elliptical or Bike
Thursday - 40 min Elliptical or Bike
Friday - Rest Day
Saturday - 2.5m
Sunday - 3.5m

On my 2m and 2.5m days I am going to try speeding up the treadmill a bit.

Thanks for reading. :)

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