Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Weigh In Wednesday

I have decided to do a weekly weigh in post on Wednesday's starting today.  I usually weigh myself daily and update my stats on the side when I see a loss.  I am going to try to cut it down to only weighing in each week on Wednesday instead and report it even if there is a gain.  We'll see how it goes. =)

Last Week: 186.8
This Week: 183.8

3 pound loss!

I was happy to see the loss and to see I am down 9 pounds since I started back with my running and eatting healthier.  I have had a few treats here and there this week but I haven't over indulged which I am pretty pround of myself for.  We have tons of treats going through the office at the moment with the holidays and they are very tempting.

I think the big test this coming week will be on Christmas Eve.  We will be going to my brother's and there is sure to be tons of treats and not many healthy choices if any I am sure.  I will be strong and not over indulge!

How was your week?  How have you been holding up with all the treats circulating with the holidays?

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